If Duni Royal Resort is the aim of your travelling, you have made the right choice.
In the beginning of the 80's the Bulgarian Government decided to build a holiday village under a world standard. Duni Royal Resort has got the charm of a Bulgarian village and it's situated in the bay of Duni, on a territory of a state nature preserved area.
In 1986,after the teamwork of historians and architects Duni Royal Resort was built resembling the Bulgarian style of the past centuries. The plan was prepared by Bulgarian architects and was carried out by the Austrian building company "Rogner".
 The village is situated on a south mountainside and the area - from the last house to the harbor and the beach - is planned as a pedestrian zone - with shady, narrow alleys, reminding of an old town, sunny terraces and a small harbor.
 At place you could convince yourself of the advantages of the sea resort. Thoroughly renovated in 2000, the complex has preserved the coziness and romance of the old Bulgarian way of life.
 The carefree days on the beach, children and adults surrounded with care by our entertainment team, the undisturbed walk along the seacoast - isn't it the holiday you have dreamed of?
 Your stay is never long enough to get to know the country and its people. But the direct contact with local people, the interesting atmosphere and architecture of the club, could enrich your impressions.


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