La Breeze Snack Bar

La Breeze Snack Bar is set as an independent building right next to the beach with 120 seats. The exterior is nicely dominated by a beautiful greenery, relaxing water accents and neutral colors in the sand color range. This bar has its unique rhythm and vision, which turn it into an oasis amidst a dynamic environment. Emerge into this world of ease and summer spirits.


Informal, friendly, relaxing atmosphere giving the feeling of ease and perfection. Here, at any time of the day, you can come for a cup of aromatic coffee, fast lunch or afternoon breakfast from the culinary masterpieces offered by the buffet, among which there are homemade sweets and light dishes.

Business hours:
Bar   09.00 AM - 06.00 PM
Snacks   12.30 AM - 04.00 PM
Coffee / tea with sweets   04.00 PM - 05.00 PM

 All included in our All inclusive offer
Food and beverage: The offer includes
• Breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, afternoon breakfast – snacks, dinner(everything in served as a buffet, with beverages served in Marina Royal Palace restaurant )
• Sandwiches / meat and vegetarian /
• Afternoon coffee, tea or sweets
• Packed food for excursions
• Single supply of the mini bar in the room upon arrival for the guests of  Marina Royal Palace
• Sandwiches and refreshment beverages for early arrivals and late departures  
• Milanese Italian restaurant for dinner with five-course menu  and full service of food and beverages (may be visited once per week upon preliminary reservation)
• The Tavern – Bulgarian restaurant for dinner with four-course menu  and full service of food and beverages (may be visited once per week upon preliminary reservation)
• Local alcoholic beverages and soft drinks (09.00 AM to 00.00 AM)
• Alcoholic, low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails mixed from local brands of beverages
• Wide variety of hot drinks and shakes, mix of nuts – in the evening at the lobby bars
• Local beer and wine (glasses)
• Bottled table water
• Coffee / instant, Schwartz, espresso/ and selection of herbal and fruit teas

Gyros Zone

For all of our guests who want to try the Greek cuisine, we have created a "Gyros Zone", which is located next to the beach sidewalk.
It is the best choice for something fast to eat when you are on the beach or on a walk around the complex.
Gyros, a classic Greek dish, is prepared with a specially flavored chicken, slowly grilled on a vertical grill, french fries, red onions, cucumbers and  Tzatziki sauce, all  this wrapped in a Greek pie.

Business hours: 11:30 AM - 06:00 PM.

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